Video Materials

0:00 Opening session.

37:20 Adolescents, Youth and COVID-19: a global perspective Dr. Valentina Baltag, WHO HQ, Geneva

1:07:54 A Catastrophe or a Chance to do Better? IAAH Statement on Adolescent Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Nicola J Gray, IAAH Vice President – Europe, UK

1:27:41 Regional situation – Influence of pandemic and remote education on adolescent health Prof. V. Kuchma, scientific director, Institute for Complex Problems of Hygiene, F.F. Erisman Federal Research Center of Hygiene, Moscow, Russia

1:58:59 Adolescent health in Republic of Moldova in context of COVID. Dr. Galina Leșco, YK NEOVITA, Health for Youth Association, RM

2:28:14 Addressing needs of adolescents and young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of primary care health professionals in Geneva Switzerland Dr. Anne Meynard, Lucile Fracheboud, Alistair Dumps, Geneva University, Switzerland

2:42:10 Issues of organizing the provision of comprehensive assistance to minors in a situation of reproductive choice during COVID-2019 Dr. Marina Ippolitova, Head of Yuventa Centre, Sankt Petersburg, Russian Federation

3:03:57 Transfer of services into online format: successes and „points of growth” in Belarus. Vitaly Nikonovich, Director of the Laboratory of Innovative Projects, UNESCO consultant, Minsk Svetlana Guminskaya, Head of the Center for Health of Adolescents and Youth „Nadezhda” (Orsha, Vitebsk region)

3:29:58 Provision of assistance to adolescents by specialists of the Youth Health Centers in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic (experience of Kazakhstan) Karzhaubaeva Sholpan Estemesovna, Alma-Ati, Kazahstan

3:45:35 Electronic case management within the services of HIV-service organizations Cearanovski Constantin, Public Association «Positive Initiative», RM

4:19:08 Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for Adolescents during COVID-19 – The healthcare workforce speaks out! (Joint IAAH / FP2020 statement) Dr. Nicola J Gray, IAAH Vice President for Europe, UK

4:41:24 IPPF EN work on providing access to SRHR information and CSE during the C19 emergency Drashko Kostovski, IPPF EN, Brussel

5:12:04 How to meet the mental health care needs of adolescents in the context of the COVID pandemic Prof. Pierre-Andre Michaud, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

5:36:29 Supporting children, adolescents and their parent’s mental health at the time of COVID Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO IITE, Moscow, Russia

6:18:18 Prof. Neli Revenco, Chief of Pediatric Department, SMFU „N.Testemitanu”, RM

6:47:00 COVID-19 and adolescents with chronic conditions: experience of Armenia Dr. Marina Melcumova, Armenia

7:16:06 School health in times of COVID-19: new guidance from WHO* Dr. Valentina Baltag, WHO HQ, Geneva

7:42:45 COVID-19 and Student Health: A Global Perspective Erin D. Maughan PhD, RN, PHNA-BC, FNASN, FAAN

00:00 Education and health in schools during the pandemic: what have we learned from the field about the successes and challenges? Prof. Didier Jourdan, Chairholder UNESCO, Chair Global Health & Education, France (First slides are missed because of problems in streaming, sorry for the inconvenience)

12:33 Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools Dr. Valentina Baltag, WHO HQ, Geneva

50:22 Delivering Comprehensive Sexuality Education to adolescents in the context of COVID 19 Ilya Zhukov, UNFPA HQ, USA

1:21:54 Building resilience in education system, teachers, learners and parents. Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO IITE, Moscow, Russia

2:00:18 Parenting in the time of COVID-19: Moving from human to digital strategies to prevent violence against children and improve child wellbeing Dr. Jamie Lachman, Oxford University, UK

2:36:42 The role of schools in Moldova in developing healthy and safe behaviors among adolescents Mariana Goras, MoECR, Republic of Moldova

3:15:15 Health education and promotion at the time of COVID-19 Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO IITE, Russia

3:47:27 Knowledge, attitudes and practices of teachers in pre-university institutions in adolescent sex-education Dr. Alexandru Voloh, Chief of Youth Klinic CLEPSIDRA, Republic of Moldova

4:02:39 Bullying among adolescents in the Republic of Moldova, UNCEF Study Diana Cheianu, „SocioPolis”, RM

4:47:15 Schools for Health in Europe network foundation – an approach to deal with school health promotion Anette Schulz, Senior consultant & SHE manager, University College South Denmark.

5:09:02 School health and Health promoting schools and COVID-19 – European perspectives Dr. Aigul Kuttumuratova, WHO EUROPE, Copenhagen

5:35:22 Experience of Kazakhstan on HPS scaling up: Lessons learned before and during COVID-19 pandemic Akbota Abildina, SHE coordinator Kazakhstan

5:51:18 Experience of Moldova on HPS piloting in implementing school plans during the pandemic period Dr. Natalia Silitrari, SHE coordinator Moldova

6:12:12 Sexuality education during pandemic – from obstacles to success“ Kristina Birk-Vellemaa, Association of Sexual Health, Estonia

6:29:52 Digital spaces for health and well-being promotion among adolescents Alexandra Ilieva, UNESCO IITE, Russia

6:50:05 SEXUL vs BARZA/SEX vs The STORK Comes to the Rescue of Teens during the Pandemic Adriana Radu, Daniela Draghici, SEXUL vs BARZA /SEX vs STORK, Romania

7:12:31 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding adolescent nutrition Lina Vrabie, Chief of Youth Klinic ATIS, Bălți, RM

7:25:44 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding adolescent physical activity Victoria Cojocaru, Chief of Youth Klinic Donduseni”, RM